3111PRO OBD II, ABS & SRS Scan Tool

Update Available!

The most current software version is 6A4D

To determine the software version in your tool, follow these steps:

  1. Power the tool on.
  2. Arrow down to System Setup and press ENTER.
  3. Arrow down to Tool Information and press ENTER.
  4. The SWID displayed is the software version in your tool.

Software updates are performed using the Scanning Suite application. Scanning Suite can also be used to print diagnostic information stored in the tool. Click the links below to download the Scanning Suite software and instructions.

Compatible Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Vista, 7
32-bit and 64-bit

NOTE: An update for more than one product may appear in the Scanning Suite Version List. The update selected must correspond with the tool model number (the model number is located on the backside label of the tool). For example, when updating the 3111PRO please select the 3111PRO version and not the 3111. If the incorrect version is selected, Scanning Suite will not proceed with the update.