Automatic Center Punch

Automatic Center Punch

Make a center punch mark without using a hammer! The 6982ACP Automatic Center Punch from OTC keeps one hand free to help you place this tool right in the crosshairs to accurately mark the spot. Creates a wide profile mark- ideal to keep drill bits from wandering. Rotate the knurled portion to adjust the striking force (60N to 130N). 

The OTC 6982ACP Automatic Center Punch helps the accuracy and professional result of your project . Use to mark for precision drilling for tap setting or general boring.  This industrial quality tool is made from machine steel and is nickel plated. Hand guard makes for a comfortable use - further ensuring accuracy. Also may be used as an emergency window breaking tool. Lifetime warranty.

The Tabs

Specialty Tools
General Purpose
Accurately marks your drill point every time
Creates deep center mark to prevent drill bit from wandering
Flared top fits comfortably in palm of hand
Allows free hand to place marking tip exactly where you want it
Press tool until spring releases causing tip to mark your drilling point
Product Dimensions: 
6 × 1.5 × 1.5 in
Product Weight: 
0.3 lb