HP Meyen

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Dr. Hans Peter Meyen is the Executive Vice President, product area diagnostics and engineering of the Automotive Aftermarket Division for Bosch. His responsibilities including communicating company strategies, developing a data-driven business model and evaluating effectiveness of company objectives. 

Meyen started his career at Bosch in 1991 in the Power Tools division. His appreciation for the end customer focus led him to stay in the trade business for many years in a variety of functions. According to Meyen, his “most impressive situations” are when he gets to speak directly with car owners and people in workshops about their needs and impressions of Bosch. His efforts guiding the business are focused on the end customer and fulfilling their needs while adhering to a data-driven business model in the ever connected world. 

Meyen holds a Masters degree in Engineering Production Technology and a Doctorate in Production Technology both from Technical University RWTH in Aachen, Germany.

Outside the office, Meyen collects vintage motorcycles and European automobiles. He loves spending time with his family, playing various sports and working on his vintage cars.