OBD II, CAN & ABS Scan Tool

OBD II, CAN & ABS Scan Tool

New Scan Tool with 3 million verified fixes at the touch of a button. CodeConnect® Revolutionizes vehicle repairs.

The CodeConnect® information takes vehicle repairs to another level for Technicians at an affordable price. These actual vehicle fixes have been reported and then verified by our team of ASE certified technicians. Prioritize troubleshooting with the Top Reported Fixes specific to the vehicle's make, model, year, and engine. Just press the CodeConnect® hot key and "connect" with the most probable solutions.


• CodeConnect®

• Record and playback LIVE engine data

• Display LIVE real time data

• Enhanced code request for GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota vehicles

• 2010 MY coverage for light and medium duty trucks, diesels, and hybrids

• ABS code read/erase capability for most 1996 & newer GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles

• Custom data list for LIVE data

• Graph LIVE data

• Displays all modes of global OBD II data

• Displays enhanced code definitions

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