Diagnostics for Life

Diagnostics for Life means we support your Encore or Evolve for as long as you own it, as long as you update it. We stand behind our diagnostic tools with a lifetime warranty and a continued pledge to provide you the industry's most complete diagnostics coverage.

Along with a lifetime warranty, the newest coverage updates for Encore and Evolve focuses on making the tool faster and easier to use while expanding coverage and capabilities.

The Diagnostics for Life program applies to existing and future purchasers of the Encore and Evolve. To qualify for Diagnostics for Life, technicians must:

  • Maintain an active diagnostics subscription with OTC
  • Register their tool’s serial number with OTC
  • Regularly update their tool and receive the most up to date vehicle coverage available
  • Be the original purchaser/registrant of their tool

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Active DFL Status

Your Encore scan tool is evolving to the ADS X Platform, powered by Bosch

What does Encore end of support mean for you as a loyal Diagnostics for Life (DFL) customer?

We implemented the DFL program on our OTC scan tools pledging to support your Encore hardware for as long as you own it, as long as you update it.

Since you’ve been loyal in keeping your Encore software up-to-date, you qualify for a FREE Bosch ADS 525X Diagnostic Scan Tool plus your first 12 months software subscription FREE.

How to receive your FREE ADS 525X Scan tool & 1-year software subscription:
  1. Purchase and activate your last Encore software renewal between October 1, 2023 - December 21, 2024*. Buy the software renewal online
  2. Visit BoschRebates.com to submit your software renewal proof of purchase, Encore serial number, and confirm your shipping address.

Once we receive your shipping information, we will ship your brand-new ADS 525X scan tool. Register your new tool within 30 days of receipt and keep your software current to maintain your limited lifetime warranty. Rebate must be submitted by January 31, 2025.

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*If your software subscription expires after October 1, 2024, no additional software purchase is necessary.

Purchase & active your last software renewal by phone: 1-888-789-2602

Inactive DFL Status

Save $500 when you upgrade to the Bosch ADS 525X or ADS 625X scan tool plus get a FREE 1-year software subscription!

Take advantage of an exclusive trade up rebate for Encore scan tool owners
To Redeem
  • Purchase and register a Bosch ADS 525X or ADS 625X diagnostic scan tool during the promotional period (October 1, 2023 – December 31, 2024)
  • To redeem, visit BoschRebates.com
  • Must be redeemed with all required information on or before January 31, 2025
  • Information required:
    • OTC Encore and Bosch ADS 525X or 625X serial numbers
    • Bosch ADS 525X payment in full proof of purchase (invoice / receipt) with part number and purchase date visible

Proof of purchase and serial numbers will be required when registering for promotion. Valid for purchases made by qualifying end-users on eligible products during the Promotional Period. Promotions in this offer cannot be combined and not valid with any other promotions offered by Bosch Automotive Service Solutions LLC. Valid in US, the District of Columbia, and Canada only. This promotion is void where prohibited, taxed or restricted. Allow four to six weeks after redemption approval for delivery of incentive. Terms and conditions apply. For full terms and conditions, visit boschrebates.com. Bosch reserves the right to alter or cancel this promotion at any time.

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The Bosch ADS X platform has the same expansive coverage as your Encore, with faster technology, new features, and improved navigation that will enhance your diagnostic capabilities.

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FAQs for Encore Scan Tool Owners

What requirements must be met to qualify for DFL?

The Diagnostics for Life program applies to existing purchasers of the Encore. To qualify for Diagnostics for Life, technicians must:

  • Maintain an active diagnostics subscription with OTC
  • Register their tool’s serial number with OTC
  • Regularly update their tool and receive the most up to date vehicle coverage available
  • Be the original purchaser/registrant of their tool

Encore owners were automatically enrolled in our Diagnostics for Life program that provides a lifetime hardware warranty**. Diagnostics for Life lifetime hardware warranty applies to tool owners who purchase and continuously maintain, without interruption, an OTC Encore software subscription.

**Learn more about the Diagnostics for Life warranty

Will my Encore stop working after October 1, 2024?

Ensure your Encore continues to function after October 1, 2024 by connecting your Encore to Wi-Fi between now and October 1, 2024. Your Encore will continue to function as-is but will not be able to receive software and security updates, or technical support from Bosch. Your tool will still be able to perform vehicle diagnostic, read live data, and perform other essential scan tool functions.

Do I need to send my Encore scan tool to Bosch to redeem the promotion?

No, you keep your Encore, and it will continue to function but will not able to receive software or security updates or technical support after October 1, 2024.

If I qualify for a free ADS 525X scan tool as an Active Encore DFL customer, can I also take advantage of the Encore trade-up rebate promotion?

Yes. Active DFL customers can leverage the free 525X tool promotion, and choose to purchase an additional ADS 525X or ADS 625X and qualify for the $500 trade-up rebate.

If I qualify for a free ADS 525X, can I pay to upgrade to a 625X tool?

No, unfortunately the DFL program is intended to be a direct replacement for the OTC Encore, however you can take advantage of the $500 trade-up rebate promotion when you purchase an ADS 625X scan tool.

I recently purchased an OTC Encore scan tool, but I never purchased a software renewal. Am I still eligible for the Active DFL promotion?

To qualify for the DFL promotion, you must have maintained your software subscription by purchasing at least one software renewal for your OTC Encore.

Questions? We're here to help.

  • Bosch Rebates Support – For help navigating BoschRebates.com or redeeming this offer, contact support@spotplatforms.com
  • Subscription Support – For questions regarding your DFL status eligibility, software subscription, or to renew by phone, contact 1-888-789-2602
  • Customer Service – For questions regarding this promotion, contact 1-800-533-6127, option #1 or email inquiry@service-solutions.com
  • Technical Support - For product-related troubleshooting or questions related to Encore end of life, contact Technical Support at 1-800-533-6127, option #3 or email tech@otctools.com