100-Ton Capacity Heavy-Duty Shop Press

100-Ton Capacity Heavy-Duty Shop Press

1857 – 100-ton press. Includes single-acting
No. 52434 ram with 10" stroke; No. 4008 hydraulic
hand pump; No. 9651 gauge; No. 9781 hose
(3/8" ID x 10'); and pump mounting bracket.

1858 – Same as No. 1857, except has double-acting No. 51683 ram with 13" stroke;
No. 61217 3-phase, 220V, 3450 rpm electric/hydraulic pump; and two No. 9769 hoses.

1858-1P – Same as No. 1858, except it has a No. 4064 2-stage, 1-phase hydraulic pump.

  • Wide open uprights allow easy positioning of bars
    and shafts for straightening or bending.
  • Upper bolster can be lowered for convenient
    positioning during repetitive jobs.
  • Ram head glides smoothly on rollers for easy
    horizontal adjustments; rugged press frame will
    withstand a full capacity load with the ram head in
    any position across the upper bolster.
  • Covered by OTC Lifetime Marathon Warranty®.
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    Product Dimensions: 
    6 × 7 × 2.5 in
    Shipping Weight: 
    1200 lb
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    100-Ton Capacity Heavy-Duty Shop Press