3-Piece Double Edge Screw Extractors

3-Piece Double Edge Screw Extractors

Damaged and frozen bolts can ruin a technicians ability to make rate. Now broken bolts and screws can be easily removed with the 6982DEX 3Pc Double Edge Extractor Set from OTC. 

These industrial quality extractors are manufactured from high strength steel and feature a tapered flute for safe and secure engagement in the bore hole and a unique hex shank design to prevent rounded corners.  The 6982DEX from OTC covers screw sizes from #10/M5 to 1/2"/M12. Pre-drill bore hole with 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4" drill bits (not included). Drive extractor into bore hole for secure engagement. Can be turned in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions for both right and left handed threads. 

Be prepared for broken bolts and screws - make sure you have  the 6982DEX 3-Piece Double Edge Screw Extractor Set from OTC within arms reach!

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Specialty Tools
General Purpose
P/N 6982DEX-1 - No. 1 Dual Edge Screw Exractor (#10 - 1/4")
P/N 6982DEX-2 - No. 2 Dual Edge Screw Exractor (5/16" - 3/8")
P/N 6982DEX-3 - No. 3 Dual Edge Screw Exractor (7/16" - 1/2")
For unscrewing broken bolts and screws without damaging threads
Can be turned in clockwise or counter clockwise direction for right and left handed threads
Drive extractor into drill hole for secure fit
Hex shank design works with standard hex sockets eliminating rounded corners
Industrial Quality - Made from High Strength Steel - Tapered Flute design
Product Dimensions: 
6.8 × 2.8 × 0.5 in
Product Weight: 
0.2 lb