Cooling System Refilling Gun

Cooling System Refilling Gun

The 6976 Cooling System Refilling Gun can eliminate airlocks during cooling system refilling and eliminates the need for system bleeding. Small and large rubber cones suit both passenger and commercial vehicles with no additional adapters needed.

Attach the Cooling System Refilling Gun to your shop air supply then insert the nozzle into the cooling system, like the opening on a radiator and establish vacuum. Insert hose into your new coolant reservoir and switch device to vacuum. It will pull air out of the coolant system while new coolant is added.

Avoid wasting time finding a pocket of trapped air that can cause cooling system failures and inaccurate sensor readings. Packaged in a convenient blow molded storage case. Covered by OTC's Lifetime Warranty.

The Tabs

Specialty Tools
Refilling gun with integrated hose assembly
Rubber adapter "stepped" for 1/2" to 1-1/2" diameter opening
Rubber adapter "stepped" for 1" to 2" diameter opening
Blow Molded Storage Case
Operating Instructions
Utilizes deep vacuum technology to eliminate airlocks during cooling system refilling
Eliminates the need for system bleeding
Universal attachment to most radiator and header tanks
Small and large rubber cones to suit both passenger and commercial vehicles; no additional adapters needed
Eliminates coolant spills and waste
Integrated vacuum gauge automatically tests cooling system for leaks
Integrated filling tap and vacuum check valve removes the need for interchanging hoses
Product Dimensions: 
10.5 × 8.25 × 2 in
Product Weight: 
1.6 lb
Shipping Weight: 
3.9 lb