Dual/Single Wheel Separator

Dual/Single Wheel Separator

Quickly separate rusted, frozen or seized outside dual wheels or single wheels from the wheel hub. The unique outer drive hook has an offset handle to easily align the tool on the rim to break wheels loose, with a flat side to eliminate turning during use. Outer drive hook has two grooves for 16" - 17" wheels and 19.5" to 24.5" wheels. Force is applied directly to the wheel rim and not the wheel lip, preventing damage and bending of the wheel. 

Includes four adapters to fit most wheel shapes and sizes: Dual wheel outer, long cupped dual wheel inner, short cupped single wheel and flat. 

The Tabs

Specialty Tools
Wheel & Tire
Threaded outer hook with handle
Drive screw
Dual wheel outer adapter
Dual wheel inner long cupped adapter
Single wheel inner short cupped adapter
Flat adapter
Storage case includes instruction lid decal
Outer drive hook includes a handle that allows for fast and easy alignment as well as a flat side, both to eliminate turning during use.
The pusher end has two grooves, one for 16”-17”, and the other for 19.5”-24.5” wheels.
Pressure is applied to the wheel rim and not the wheel lip to eliminate bending of the wheel.
Includes four adapters: dual wheel outer, dual wheel inner (long cupped), single wheel (short cupped), and flat.
Product Dimensions: 
15.5 × 16 × 5.3 in
Product Weight: 
11.3 lb
Shipping Weight: 
11.3 lb
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