Flow Block with Loading Valve, 100 gpm

Flow Block with Loading Valve, 100 gpm

For remote testing the 4291 utilizes an axial turbine and a magnetic sensing head to produce pulse outputs that can be read by a flow meter display.  The block has a pressure balanced poppet to allow for low effort adjustment of loading.  It can measure flow in either direction and it has ports for pressure or temperature sensors.  In the event of an overpressure situation, the replaceable burst discs rupture and allow for internal bypass of the oil without external spillage.

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Shop Equipment
Hydraulic Flow Meters
- Remotely tests hydraulic oil circuits on your machinery with high accuracy
- Knob on block allows for pressure loading/restriction
For use with the OTC 4292 Hydraulic Flow Measurement Digital Readout and OTC 573295 Long Cable and Hose Set or OTC 573296 Short Cable
- Included in the OTC 4285 Hydraulic Flow Measurement Kit and OTC 4294 Deluxe Hydraulic Flow Set
- Measures flow from 2 to 100 gpm
- Pressure range up to 6,000 psi
- Flow Accuracy to +/- 1% of indicated value
- Pressure accuracy of +/- 1.6% of full scale
- Accommodates bi-directional flow measurement
- Port is 1-5/16” -12UN #16 SAE ORB
- Aluminum and steel construction with Viton seals
Product Dimensions: 
8.75 × 7.125 × 6 in
Product Weight: 
8.1 lb
Product Documents: