Heavy-Duty Drain Plug Pro™

Heavy-Duty Drain Plug Pro™

The OTC 5961HD builds on the original innovation by covering application on heavy duty vehicle drain plugs. The OTC 5961HD features 2 attachments for heavy duty vehicles and equipment and a 3/8" square drive for other sockets you already own! Pre-loosen drain plugs using your standard wrench, then attach the strong magnetic attachment and turn to remove. The plug/bolt is securely held to the attachment and will not fall off! The plug swings away from the hot oil stream - preventing splash and splatter - all the while your hand is kept out of hot oil!

Having the right oil change tools for the job is key to good productivity. The OTC 5961HD is a quick drain oil plug that saves time and money by avoiding dropped or lost drained plugs. A vehicle coming off the road for an oil change can see oil temperature in excess of 220° F on Class 7 or 8 vehicles, and farm machinery hold gallons! The design of the OTC 5961HD eliminates exposure with hot oil! The 3/8" square drive combined with the flexible shaft allows you to interchange your own sockets, allowing you to use this tool anywhere you may need to start threads on a bolt or fastener - even in the most difficult places.

  • Interchangeable design
  • Includes large attachments for large commercial vehicle drain plugs and ½" square drive differential plugs
  • Use with any 3/8" square drive socket in your tool box.
  • Safely remove Heavy Duty oil pan drain plugs avoiding contact with hot oil and prevent dropping drain plugs and other fasteners.
  • The flexible shank with 3/8" square drive helps remove or thread smaller fasteners even in hard to reach places
  • Contained on a handy socket rail for hanging or tool drawer storage.


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Product Dimensions: 
16.5 × 3.36 × 0.5 in
Shipping Weight: 
1 lb

Heavy-Duty Drain Plug Pro™