Heavy Duty Extendable Indexing Pry Bar

Heavy Duty Extendable Indexing Pry Bar

The OTC 7177 Extendable Indexing Pry Bar is designed for heavy duty uses such as positioning/repositioning engines or equipment, aligning heavy steel plates or panels, prying large heavy objects such as decking, grates, covers and general movement of obstructions. The combination extendable reach and pivoting head permits access to many jobs where traditional pry bars may be limited. The prying head is 13/16" wide and can be extended from 34" to 53" using 31 preset positions set in 5/8" increments. Extension and indexing adjustments are done with separate oversized pins allowing length and angle adjustments to be made quickly.

Optimal loading of 1500 lbs. to 2200 lbs. is made possible by the bar's heavy duty 13/16" steel bar and 1-3/8" tubular extension. Knurling has been added at the base of the handle for a strong, secure grip. A must have tool for the next time you need serious leverage for service and maintenance in industry, automotive, construction, agriculture, rigging, or any heavy duty vocational application. Covered by the OTC Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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Extendable Indexing Pry Bar
Extends from 34" to 53"
Heavy Duty 13/16" hex stock bar graduated for extension has 31 preset positions in 5/8" increments
Pry bar head pivots a full 180 degrees and can be locked in 14 positions
Heavy Duty - spring loaded pins adjusts and secures bar length and head angle
1-3/8" Dia Handle for easy grip with black oxide finish
Handle end knurled for secure grip
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Product Dimensions: 
34 × 1.6 × 1.6 in
Product Weight: 
9.5 lb
Shipping Weight: 
9.8 lb

Heavy Duty Extendable Indexing Pry Bar