OTC DPF Thermal Processing Unit

OTC DPF Thermal Processing Unit

The 5281 DPF Thermal Processing Unit is a DPF cleaning machine which will thermally regenerate a DPF unit at a controlled, pre-programmed rate.

Sometimes, the DPF cannot be regenerated on the truck due to a failure with the vehicle's own regeneration system, or in the case of retrofit applications, a lack of an on-vehicle regeneration system. Thermal regeneration of DPFs is used in conjunction with the OTC DPF Cleaner (OTC 5280), and maximizes the cleaning efficiency of the cleaner.

Designed to facilitate the cleaning of dirty filters - especially those with high amounts of wet soot, and unburned hydrocarbons.

• Pre-programmed thermal profile controls temperature 'ramp up' and 'cool down' to protect DPF from thermal shock, reducing the risk of DPF cracking.

• Holds temperature constant for two hours to ensure complete regeneration of filter.

• Built-in safety door lock and electronic door switch prevent unauthorized opening of the door when temperatures exceed 200 degrees F.

• Large chamber accommodates various DPF sizes and shapes. Front access door allows for easy access to the thermal chamber.

• Includes both standard cycle and "pre heat" cycle for oil-soaked filters.

• Internal chamber dimension: 24" (L) x 24" (W) x 26" (H).

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Product Dimensions: 
49.75 × 49.75 × 72 in
Shipping Weight: 
500 lb

OTC DPF Thermal Processing Unit