PRO Series Safety Blow Gun (Star Tip)

PRO Series Safety Blow Gun (Star Tip)

The 2425 Pro Series Safety Blow Gun from OTC is designed to combine free ambient air with comnpressed air to create a much higher volume of usable output. Attempts to cover ports or incidental blockage of tip greatly reduces output to safe levels, and the noise level at maximum pressure of 150 PSI is 85 dB. Manufactured using non corroding materials. Ergonomic design reduces fatigue. Fitted with a soft rubber star tip for general application and improved safety.

The OTC 2425 PRO Series Blow gun is the best solution for your workshop. Safe, Quiet, Economical, and Durable for any situation. The 2425 provides value, protects users and helps avoid safety violations.

  • Die Cast Aluminum body is non corroding and made to last in the harshest environments
  • Ergonomic body design and dip coated operating lever reduce fatigue
  • Exclusive venturi mechanism uses side ports to create higher volume of usable output
  • Tamper-Proof design redces output to safe levels if ports are blocked.
  • Meets OSHA standards for Safety and Noise

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