Stainless Steel Tip Blow Gun

Stainless Steel Tip Blow Gun

The OTC 2423 Stainless Tip Blow Gun is designed with user safety in mind! When used with 90 PSI air pressure, the vented tip prevents pressure exceeding 30 PSI if the tip becomes blocked (conforms with OSHA Std 1-13.1). With 90 PSI air pressure the operation is quiet with noise levels below 80 db (conforming to OSHA Std 1910-95 (b)). Special bent nozzle constructed from stainless steel to resist corrosion. The trigger design makes it easy to control the amount of air dispensed. Rugged nylon body construction resists effects of weather and this tool is drop resistant. Brass threaded air inlet ensure threads do not shear with repeated use.

Promote safety by using Blow Guns like the OTC 2423 in your work shop. Classified as a Safety Blow Gun, the OTC 2423 can reduce pressures to safe levels if tip is blocked, and operate quietly. Design conforms to your hand for reduced fatigue. Amount of air pressure dispensed is easily controlled and at 100 PSI, consumes 15.18 CFM. For safety...for ergonomics....for economy, try the OTC 2423 Safety Blow Gun!

  • OTC 2423 is designed for operating pressure of 50 PSI to 235 PSI and temperature range of 14° to 158°F
  • When inlet pressure is  90 PSI, venting design prevents pressure exceeding 30 PSI if tip becomes blocked - conforming to OSHA Std 1-13.1
  • When inlet pressure is  100 PSI, the noise level is held below 80 db conforming to OSHA Std 1910-95 (b), quieter than an electric drill
  • 4-½"Stainless Steel Nozzle and Varaible Speed Trigger for full control of amount of air dispensed
  • Impact & Weather resistant materials and drop resistant construction
  • Brass threaded air inlet

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Product Dimensions: 
8 × 5 × 1 in
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0.3 lb
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0.3 lb

Stainless Steel Tip Blow Gun