The OTC Tech-Scope is a standalone two-channel high-speed lab and ignition oscilloscope with multimeter that allows service technicians to quickly and efficiently test and measure virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and circuits in a modern vehicle. The tool features galvanic isolation not found on automotive scopes for hardware protection and includes an ignition scope and a digital multimeter with an ohm meter.

The Tech-Scope is capable of reading 40 million samples per second on each channel with 10M ohm input impedance eliminating the need for special adapters to capture signals from critical components. The included InfoTech software provides a vehicle-specific repair information database for testing most common vehicle components with step-by-step test procedures using a lab scope or multimeter.

Oscilloscope Features:

• Lab scope, ignition scope and digital multimeter display are user selectable.

• Vertical cursors show time difference/frequency between the two cursors and waveform values at the selected points.

• Automatic record stores waveforms in a circular buffer with 50 screens of data.

• AC/DC coupling.

• Auto setup automatically adjusts the vertical scale, the sweep time and trigger point.

• Peak detect captures high speed signals at the maximum sampling rate, even at slow sweep speed and is user selectable.

• Ability to capture the analog and digital glitches, along with the current waveform.

• Selectable glitch sensitivity: low - medium - high.

• Ability to change the background color.

• Ability to play the recorded files.

• Ability to enable or disable the scale grids.

• Ability to enable or disable the scale display.

• Ability to save the screen shot of the display.

Digital Multimeter Features:

• Measures:

- DC volts

- True RMS AC volts

- Ohms

- Continuity check with audible beep features ability to turn audio on or off.

- Frequency

- Duty cycle

- Pulse width

• Auto scale

• Screen refresh is at the rate of 10 times/sec.

• Ability to view the data in following graph types:

- Strip chart

- Dial chart

- Bar chart

- Digital chart

• Ability to view the minimum, maximum and average values.

• Ability to turn the grid lines on or off for strip chart.

• Ability to toggle the background between two colors.

• Ability to turn the scale display on or off.

3857 includes:

Tech-Scope, scope probe green, scope probe yellow, kV probe secondary, ground clamp, USB cable, Tech-Scope CD, one-year warranty and protective carry case.

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12.5 × 13.75 × 5.25 in
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3.39 lb
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